New E-Learning resource on the Diabetic Foot

The latest eLearning module in our international health series was launched this week.

This module focuses on the assessment and management of the diabetic foot.  It was developed in response to a direct request from our partners in The Gambia, who are faced with many relatively young adults with advanced stages of disease who often require amputations.

The project brought together the diabetic teams in Gambia and Morriston hospital in Swansea, together with expertise in learning technology in Swansea Medical School. The project was undertaken with support from the Swansea-Gambia Link and Ibadan-Swansea Partnership.

The main people involved and some of the beneficial outcomes of the project are as follows:

Dr. Lamin Jaiteh is a newly qualified Senior House Officer from the Gambia Medical School.  He visited Swansea for a six-week period at the end of 2007.  He worked alongside Dr. Alex Werhun, a junior doctor working in the diabetic team, to develop the module.

Lamin not only gained clinical knowledge and skills in diabetes, but also learnt how to use modern technology for effective teaching. In addition, he has been appointed by the National Diabetes Association in Gambia as their representative to the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) / International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

Mrs. Ros Thomas, Chief Podiatrist, also helped to develop module and visited the Gambia or one week to implement and evaluate the module with the local staff.

Ross is planning a presentation to junior doctors on the project at the Morriston Hospital Post Graduate Centre on Wednesday, March 12th. Ross and Alex have been invited to present an abstract of their work in the Gambia to the World Union of Wound Healing Societies 2008 conference in Canada in June 2008.

Ms. Jess Griffiths, Learning Technologist, supported from the IT side and also visited Gambia to setup the module on the local computer system.

Drs. Jeff Stephens and Steve Allen provided supervision and support for the project.

The project was supported by a grant from the Wales for Africa program of the Welsh Assembly Government.

The module is freely available here.

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