About Us

A medical training link between The Gambia and Swansea

A Partnership Between Medical Schools

The Swansea Gambia Link was established in 2007 to form a partnership between staff and students from the University of The Gambia Medical School and Swansea University Medical School. The Link aims to raise standards of healthcare provision in The Gambia and Wales through providing training opportunities for students and facilitating knowledge exchange between the two institutions which promote improvements in healthcare delivery.

Why We Fundraise

The Swansea Gambia Link raises money to enable students from the Gambia to come to Wales for a two-week visit, in which they learn from observational clinic placements and teaching sessions alongside their Swansea counterparts. The costs for Swansea students to experience a similar teaching opportunity in the Gambia is covered by personal contributions and a grant from the Welsh Health Board.

The funds raised by each year’s Swansea Gambia Link Committee ensures that the partnership built over the years between our two medical schools strengthens into the future, and that students from The Gambia continue to have access to the valuable learning opportunities on offer through the exchange programme.

Our Charitable Aims

  • The prevention and relief of poverty by improving medical education and facilities through networking of staff, students and clinicians associated with both universities to further the professional and personal development of medical students, raising funds for donations and grants for projects that improve healthcare facilities in The Gambia, and funding the Gambian students’ exchange to Wales (including but not limited to travel expenses, accommodation, catering and educational resources) 
  • The advancement of education through the organisation of clinical placements, lectures, seminars and other medical teaching to medical students during their exchange programme 
  • The enhancement of health and the saving of lives through increasing the standard and diversity of educational opportunities relating to medicine that are available to medical students in order to enhance their delivery of healthcare to the public and improve outcomes 
  • The advancement of equality and diversity through building working partnerships which provide opportunities to learn about differences in culture, religion and demographics of The Gambia and Wales, improving the medical students’ understanding and experience in equality and diversity 
  • The relief of those in need, by reason of ill-health and disability through the provision of improved healthcare facilities and education, and by supporting projects aimed at the reduction of ill-health and disability in The Gambia 
  • The advancement of science through producing a working relationship between both universities to collaborate on improving medical teaching, clinical care and research 
  • The advancement of community development through supporting projects aimed at improving healthcare facilities in The Gambia and the medical education of The Gambia’s future clinicians 

How you can help

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