Who we are

We are a partnership between the School of Medicine in The Gambia and Swansea Medical School. This link was established with support from The Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) in February 2007.

In keeping with the philosophy of THET Links, the overall aim of the Swansea-Gambia Link is for the partners to work together for mutual benefit in priority areas identified by The Gambia.

Specific objectives:

  • Form working partnerships between staff and students in Swansea and The Gambia to improve health care outcomes
  • Establish a broad partnership in health – including clinical care, health service delivery, teaching and research
  • Emphasise capacity development of staff and students involved in the Link by including education and training as part of activities wherever possible
  • Identify key areas of common interest that can be developed as stand-alone projects
  • Focus on facilitating improved health care delivery (i.e. use teaching and training as part of broader projects to improve service delivery.