Charitable Status: Exciting Developments

After years of working towards charitable aims but as a student society, we’re excited to announce that a plan to make the Swansea-Gambia Link a registered charity is underway.

Our industrious Treasurer Sam has been busy preparing the application with the support of President Sophie. With forms filled in and Treasurers in place everything has now been sent off for submission and we hope to be registered and receive our charity number in the New Year. Becoming an official charity will no doubt be a big help in eliciting support for our cause and promoting the work we do into the future, so all of us on the Swansea-Gambia Link Committee are really excited about this development.

As students here, we only have one chance to become elected to the SGL Committee for one of our four years of study. Having been lucky enough to get one of those roles, all of us on the 2019/20 committee are eager to make our mark during this time – building on the fantastic work done by the committees who came before us to ensure our partnership with The University of the Gambia Medical School grows ever stronger. By becoming a registered charity we hope we’ll improve the Swansea-Gambia Link’s ability to raise funds to support this partnership, not just for our committee, but for all to come.

With that in mind we’ll be eagerly awaiting news of our application after the Christmas holidays and will post an update once we hear back. Fingers crossed the mark that this committee of 2019/20 leaves behind us is a charity number!